1. After many moons, my album Age of Aquarius is finally complete. My love to White Moon Recordings for representing it on their label, also to Blood Oath Slumber Party for the future cassette release! Click on the cover below to download, or visit my Bandcamp page!


  2. Upcoming spring shows!

    Saturday May 04: Dino Felipe & This Heart Electric Love Orlando! @ Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall w/ Sans Larynx, Me Chinese & The Chewies, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, and Dino Felipe

    Tuesday May 07: Ladies Night @ Blackbird Ordinary w/ DJs Thizz and Chalk

    Wednesday May 29: Dead or Alive #1 @ Pride & Joy w/ all vinyl DJ set by Matt Preira of Roofless Records


  3. Our friends at Audio Junkie made this mini doc about This Heart Electric! Live studio performances with very brief interviews in between. I hope you enjoy!


  4. Saturday March 9th at Sweat Records, Audio Junkie’s This Heart Electric episode premier!



  5. jaimesalazar: This Heart Electric. Miami, FL. 2012 

  6. Day 1 of 2013




  9. Live at Churchill’s Pub for DEATH TO THE SUN IV, thank you Andrea Knight

    I’m coming home to you, don’t you know darling I only have eyes for you? So don’t you worry
    I’m coming back to you, like a boomerang you can toss me as far as you can, and I’ll come back hurried
    Can’t you see what it does to me when you turn away and say you don’t believe me?
    I’m falling hard for you, I bruise and cut my skin but I can’t just give up on you, not ‘til I’m buried
    I’ll give it all to you, I’ll give you every single part of my heart and soul, in little flurries
    Can’t you see what it does to me when you turn away and say that you don’t love me?
    See more of this performance here:

  10. I was interviewed about the final DEATH TO THE SUN festival by one of the finest talents I know, Monica Uszerowicz for Salty Eggs. Read the article here.

  11. This will be the final episode of the yearly DEATH TO THE SUN festival. Thank you for what
    will be four years of amazing musical performances!


  12. Dino Felipe and I have a band called CLAWS, which sounds like neither he nor I.
    These are our first recordings.

  13. photo by Pancho Manuvers at Purdy Lounge, Miami, FL (Taken with Instagram)


  14. Thank you to Alex Rendon who wrote this great article about This Heart Electric in Société Perrier!

    “This Heart Electric enchanted the huddled crowd on the mammoth towel with its jittery, white noise-loving, surf-tinged garage rock. It was a remarkable gig for Guerrero — the mood and the feel of the performance neared perfection.”


  15. Live on The Mice Lady Show at Jolt Radio studios in Miami! This song is called “Escape From L.A.”
    which will be released on the album Age of Aquarius on White Moon Recordings